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Outpost Ministry Solutions (LifeStart) 423-910-9119
Turn-key, user-friendly solutions for comprehensive health ministry so you can effectively reach your community for Christ.
Public websites:
LifeStart Expos

LifeStart Seminars 
LifeStart Clinics
LifeStart Retreats


Health Expo Resources 844-291-6333

Health Expo materials, replacements for peak flow meter mouthpieces.

Abundant Living power points


Kristina Reeve McFeeters' Witnessing in the Kitchen

Cooking class handouts, simple remedies, and lots of recipes.


Nedley Health Solutions 888-778-4445

Depression the Way Out depression recovery seminar (& online Training)

What’s the Connection? Biblical principles of the health message seminar

Proof Positive

The Lost Art of Thinking

health & cookbooks



The Complete Health Improvement Project


The Full Plate Diet 888-221-8892

The Full Plate Diet Weight Loss seminar

Jennifer's Kitchen

14-Day Weight Loss Program


Sanare Life
Nyse & Nadine Collins' health, cooking, & prayer materials


StepFast 888-682-5805

StepFast lifestyle seminar


Lifestyle Matters 866-624-5433, 517-316-1588

Michigan ABC 800-876-9222

Simple Solutions - Diet & Stress, Foods for Thought, & Living Free seminars, Balance magazines, Balanced Living videos, tracts, cookbooks.


Diabetes Undone (Dr. Youngberg) 951-676-9922
Diabetes Undone, WIN! Wellness, Alzheimer's/memory clinic.


CREATION Life 407-303-7711 x31

CREATION Life seminar


Lifelong Health 503-816-3084 (Temporarily down.)

8 Weeks to Wellness,
Be Well for Life (Watch



Hamblin’s HOPE 800-274-0016 or 800-982-3344

8 Laws of Health handouts for Expos, How to Organize a Health Event, Steps to Wellness lessons, bulletins, customized posters, flyers, banners.


Adventist Book Center 800-765-6955

True Revival, MH, CDF, MM, COH, etc.

Handbook of Health Evangelism - Elvin Adams, MD, MPH,

Vibrant Life pocket tracts, Vibrant Life special issues, health & cookbooks.


Advent Source 402-486-8800

Lifestyle Matters' Balanced Living materials, Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change, health ministry tools.

Tracts & tract racks.


Laymen Ministries
Health magazines, books, dvds, tracts.


Vibrant Life 301-393-4077

Vibrant Life magazines & subscriptions.


Family Heritage Books 800-777-2848

Health Power, 7 Secrets Cookbook, health books, magazines & cookbooks


Amazing Facts 800-538-7275

Clean: 7 Steps to Freedom - Addiction Recovery workbook and kits, Amazing Health magazine & DVD, many other health resources.


Young Disciple   
Naturally Healthy interactive health program for children.

Compass Health - Dr. David DeRose


Homeward Publishing

Books and other resources on medical missionary work.

Creation Illustrated Magazine

Uchee Pines Counseling Sheets

Printable health information on many topics.

Northern Lights Health Education
Dr. Clark's presentation handouts.



Fomentation Pads by Marilena -

Hydrotherapy at Home dvd (book cd for printing included) 


The Creator’s Way 231-929-7715 or 231-631-2395


LifeStart Expos

LifeStart Seminars 

LifeStart Clinics

LifeStart Retreats


Life and Health

By the Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN)

Amazing Health Facts


Vibrant Life

Journal of Health and Healing


Northern Lights Health Education

John Glenn Clark, MD

Natural Healing Through the Laws of Health


Positive Choices


Vegetarian Nutrition
Winston J. Craig, PhD, RD 

Adventist Health Study

Whole Person Health

SDA Restaurants

SDA Lifestyle Centers


~Advanced Care Planning~


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine 202-686-2210 (non SDA)

Eating Right for Cancer Survival seminar and many other good resources.


Dr. McDougall's Health & Medical Center (non SDA)


Vegetarian Resource Group (non SDA)

Vegetarian Journal online, restaurant guide, ingredients guide. 


Nutrition Facts (non SDA)

Michael Greger, MD Plethora of articles and videos.



Abide Network

Breaking Down the Barriers

Restoration International


The Home Place


Marriage Today (non SDA)

Belt of Truth Ministries
Media & porn addiction, physical health, home schooling


New Freedom to Love
Pornography's side effects.


Freedom Begins Here - Church Tool Kit (non-SDA)
Facing the porn and sex addiction crisis. Also first steps to recovery for those who need help.

Gateway to Wholeness
Free online program developed to help you overcome problems associated with pornography use and move to positive changes in your life.

Coming Out Ministries
Hope for confusion about sexual identity.

Sexuality Resources on Purity, Courtship, Abuse, Porn, Addiction, Human Trafficking, Prostitution, Homosexuality, Transgenderism, Marriage, Parenting, Abortion (Scroll down to Additional Resources.)

~working on this~

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