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Wholly Healthy: Physically - Mentally - Socially - Spiritually


Debbie Cox, Health Ministries Director




The Dreaded C Word

As I look over my life recently in regard to the above title, I see the blessings and the curses, so to speak. Yet the positives are much more in number than the negatives.


- Being born fair skinned and blonde.
- Growing up near the Jersey Shore with season beach passes.

- Having a genetic tendency toward anxiety and stress.

- My parents, both my grandmothers, and my mother’s three

brothers all had cancer.
- At age 25 having a lump the size of a walnut in my left breast and

a large pea sized lump in my right armpit.

- Ignoring a suspicious looking mole on my back for at least the last

seven years.

- Being diagnosed three weeks short of 70 years old with malignant

melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. If not caught and

treated early it is much more likely to spread to other parts of the



+ Becoming vegetarian at age 18 upon attending a cooking class in a Unitarian Church put on by a Seventh-day Adventist (one of the people groups who live the longest).
+ Becoming interested in preventive medicine and natural remedies to help others when my best friend in high school died at age 19.

+ In the 1970’s we headed to CA to learn from medical missionaries who were helping others with cancer.

+ Living near Weimar Institute in CA when they first began, going to their doctor’s lectures, learning about the 8 laws of health and giving up using free fats (oils) in my diet.

+ Going to a Mormon run wellness center in 1979 when suspicious lumps were found at age 25.

+ Becoming primarily Whole Food Plant Based* at about age 31.

+ Making it to 60 years old when so many of my female friends died of cancer in their fifties. Since then I lost two other friends, who were in their forties.

+ Over the years having the privilege of helping others learn how to live healthier and happier lives, which has blessed me as well.

+ Being anointed by the elders at my church in April, prior to my scheduled biopsy.

+ Learning earlier this year that Hartland Wellness Center in VA had started an 11 and 17 day Cancer Care program I went there after my biopsy and two days prior to being diagnosed with melanoma. Fever baths, steam baths, charcoal baths, fresh juices, herbal teas, charcoal poultices, high dose vitamin C infusions, in addition to the 8 laws of health. Arriving for their May session, the day before receiving my diagnosis, I started with hope, then acquired dark dread, but with all of the good treatment and days of healthy living, being with other dear folks in similar shoes, and the great mental and spiritual teaching and mindset, I left for home without fear.

+ I am thankful for the many prayers ascending for me, for the graciousness of friends in allowing us to do the fever bath treatments at their home (as we only have a shower at our house).
+ Very grateful for my husband who assists me with these and is supportive of all that is needed to combat this evil plague.
+ Also that Herb’s last week of full work before he semi-retired “happened” to be the week before we went to the Wellness Center. The Lord sure knows how to arrange things!

+ A greater realization that all who will not see the second coming of Jesus have death sentences, but only God knows when that is.

+ I am humbled and sobered with the thought that if I should be privileged to live years longer, that I have already out lived my son Seth more than three times over and many years longer than my friends who are resting in peace.

+ Realizing that I am not irreplaceable, nor am I God, but I bow before Him, who knows the end from the beginning, who is always there for me and you, when we call upon Him. He tells us in His word to “be content with what you have, for He has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you”. Hebrews 13:5 I can trust Him with all of my life,



My recent blood work shows no problems and my full body PET scan essentially showed the same. All glory to God. By His grace I will continue with more careful attention to His laws of living and His natural remedies. I am still not immortal. My times are in His hands. Am so grateful for the hope of eternal life with Jesus!

PS: Over the
 years I have said to many Seventh-day Adventists, “If I die, I will probably die of cancer, but do not say that our health message doesn’t work.”


*WFPB: vegan, but essentially eating only fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables (including beans) in their unrefined form (no sugars, oils, nor white grain foods/ingredients).


~Debbie Cox – Health Report – June 17, 2023



Update – June 22, 2023
I had an ultrasound today on the lymph glands that were only slightly questionable on the PET scan. The results were clear. Of course I am very happy about that, yet no matter the results God is still good!

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